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DNR217's Home Page

Hello my is name Ryan Bass And I am a Law Enforcement Officer with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. I have been with the D.N.R. for about 4 years. I am assigned to my home county of Abbeville which is in the Upstate of South Carolina. Previously I was a Sheriff's Deputy for Abbeville County Sheriff's Department. I gained alot of experience during my short 1 1\2 years there. Luckily I was able to reach my goal and become a full fledged GAME WARDEN. My home page is a little short for now and I hope to improve it sometime in the near future. So please check back with me and see what's new! Thank you for visiting and please sign my guestbook!!

Ryan Bass
c/o: S.C.D.N.R.
5865 Old C.F. Road
Calhoun Falls , SC 29628
United States

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